Technoscience & Development
IJTD is an online peer review journal dedicated to publishing texts that consider technology and engineering  to be reality-producing practices and that all of us, researchers included, are enmeshed in development processes. IJTD welcome researchers and practitioners to submit articles intersecting themes on technology, engineering and development.
Technoscience & Digital Media
International Journal of Technoscience and Digital Media (IJTDM) is dedicated to providing innovative research on the estethics, theory and practice of Digital Media. The field of Technoscience and Digital Media is concerned with media literacy, knowledge production and feminist epistemology. IJTDM wants to manifest a resistance and an inquisition to how theory and practice change and redefine people, knowledge and learning in relation to media technology.
Feminist Technoscience
International Journal of Feminist Technoscience (IJFT) represents the foundation of this Web Site. The ambition of IJFT is to raise important issues about boundaries and transgressions between science, technology, politics and society, humans and non- humans etc. as well as implosion phenomena within the same spheres. One reason is the core attempt of Feminist Technoscience to expand and transform theoretical and practical knowledge bases of technology research & development & innovation.